Against Vaccine Passports

For our children, our future and our freedom

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Welcome to Against Vaccine Passports UK. This Directory has been set up with the aim of connecting likeminded local businesses with customers.

Our mission is to develop a UK wide business network for the public and businesses concerned about the introduction of Health Passports to connect and support each other.

We can see that businesses who support the notion of freedom are feeling increasingly uncomfortable at the restrictions being imposed and want to be part of a community that promotes unification and inclusivity.

If the above resonates with you then please join us on this exciting journey and register your business with us. If you are a customer looking for a local likeminded business you can look them using our search function.

We can see that the latest scientific research tells us that those who are vaccinated against Covid19 are still transmitting the virus to others, so we believe the introduction of vaccine passports can only be about control. Add your business to our directory and make your voice heard!

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Many business owners up and down the country share our feelings on vaccine passports.
Join us and help keep Britain free!