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Welcome to AVP Remain Free. This UK Directory has been set up with the aim of connecting local businesses, who are against enforcing health passes and restrictions, with likeminded customers.

Our mission continues to be to recruit and engage with businesses who are concerned about these health passports being enforced in the future. 

At AVP Remain Free we promote inclusivity – our motto is simple “we welcome all”.

Our AVP team, who are out in our towns and cities, are hearing business owners expressing their ongoing concern that restrictions may be reintroduced at some point. If the above resonates with you then please join us on this exciting journey and register your business with us. If you are a customer looking for a local likeminded business you can look them using our search function.

We continue to receive positive feedback from businesses and customers alike that have found each other through our directory.

Before registration, please read our disclaimer and privacy policy.

Many business owners up and down the country share our feelings on vaccine passports.
Join us and help keep Britain free!