Against Vaccine Passports

For our children, our future and our freedom

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This is a UK and Ireland business directory, for companies who want to make a public statement against a “vaccine passport” because it does not reflect their values and principles. These are businesses who pride themselves on freedom and inclusivity. These are businesses who do not want to introduce a measure that is both discriminatory and divisive.

Vaccine passports will be introduced in Scotland on the 1st Oct 2021, and in Wales on the 11th Oct 2021 for large events and nightclubs. In Northern Ireland there has been political pressure to introduce them and in the Republic of Ireland they’re already in use. England will not be using them, but the vaccines minister Sajid Javid said they should be kept in reserve as a potential option.

If you are against vaccine passports – NOW is the time to register your business.

The latest scientific research tells us that those who are vaccinated against Covid19 are still transmitting the virus to others, so we believe the introduction of vaccine passports can only be about control. Add your business to our directory and make your voice heard!

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Many business owners up and down the country share our feelings on vaccine passports.
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