Meet the team

Anna Brees

Ex BBC and ITV reporter, Anna runs a successful media training business teaching citizen journalists, alongside corporate communication professionals how to film and edit professional content using their mobiles. Through this training Anna hopes to inspire others to not only create but demand a more authentic media service, that listens to and represents all voices. is a new project launched in June 2021 that encompasses similar values. The initial project goal is simple – to help build strong community connections based on trust and shared values. This is a business directory that gives power back to the people, those that care about freedom and inclusivity – immutable principles at the very heart of who we are. 

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David Wetton

David qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, holds an MBA from Warwick Business School and is an ordained UK interfaith minister.

He has extensive experience of working at executive level in large UK-based businesses, such as Barclays Bank, Volvo Group and Britannia Building Society, both as a senior executive and a senior consultant.
David is passionate about helping business leaders develop their emotional intelligence, as they lead purpose-led, high performing leadership teams.

He says: “Through my work, I actively bring Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging to the table. These are issues which matter to the business leaders I work with. So, when I saw Against Vaccine Passports was for businesses who pride themselves on freedom and inclusivity, it was a homecoming for me! I can see thousands of businesses signing up for the business directory, choosing to take a stand, against a “vaccine passport”, as it simply doesn’t reflect their inclusive values and principles.”

Richard Dale

Richard is a front end web developer with over 15 years industry experience.

He says: “I have felt that many of the government’s measures and restrictions during this pandemic have been disproportionate and draconian but vaccine passports are a step too far. They will fundamentally change our way of life and our relationship with the state.”

“I have been only too happy to work with Against Vaccine Passports, in fact I would go as far as to say I am proud to be doing my bit to help keep Britain a free country.”

Joanne Kingston

Jo has over 20 years’ office experience as a PA, within the public and private sector.

She is a qualified swimming instructor and loves outdoor wild swimming. She also enjoys Iyengar yoga, cooking and gardening and is currently learning about permaculture, as she strives to live a more sustainable way of life.

“I am honoured to be working with AVP – there is nothing more important than fighting for the freedom of our children, medical apartheid has no place in a free society”

Rachel Rhodes

Rachel spent six years as a legal PA before becoming a paralegal two years ago.

She is also an actress, singer-songwriter, a twice-published performance poet, and reiki healer. She provides administrative support to Anna and describes herself as a dedicated freedom fighter.

AVP Regional Reps

Please contact our regional reps if you would like to know more about joining the directory or if you would like to volunteer locally. Send an email to, putting their name in the subject title and we will pass it on. 

Louise Mitchell

Louise Mitchell, 50, lives in Hampshire and has a BSc in International Business and French and over 20 years’ experience in the market research industry working with global retailers and manufacturers. Five years ago she changed careers to focus on her family and set up a sports massage business. In her spare time she enjoys walking her German Shepherd, doing yoga and learning about sustainable living. 

She says “We are living in extraordinary times, and I want to be part of a movement that is trying to ensure a better future for everyone.”

Katie Rees

Katie, lives in Carmarthenshire and has a background in marketing. She is also a qualified pilot. Over the last six years she changed career paths, campaigning and volunteering for several marine conservation organisations. She also recently completed a master’s in Marine & Coastal Resource Management.

On why she joined AVP, “I felt compelled to take action when the vaccination passports were introduced in Wales. I feel they unnecessarily discriminate and I wanted to join the countrywide efforts to ensure that no sections of the local community are left behind”.

Nadiah Pasha

Nadiah Pasha is 55 and lives in Kent. She has two children aged 26 and 17. She says “In my opinion a passport based on a personal medical decision is wrong.

I want my children and their children and in fact all children to grow up in a world where this form of apartheid just does not exist. I feel inspired and grateful to be a part of”

Alex Banham

Alex Banham, 24 is a commercial project manager based in Birmingham. 

Alex says, “for me AVP offers a more professional and business friendly way for me to push back and get off the dangerous slope the UK finds it self on.”

Marlene Overson

Marlene Overson, 49, lives in Norfolk, she has five children and four grandchildren. She is a former teaching assistant, qualified in SEN learning and currently studying colour therapy.

She is an active member of her local Stand in the Park and has a good relationship with her local community. She has joined AVP because she wanted to be part of a team who wants to prevent a divided society and encourage freedom of choice.

Dave Brockless

Dave Brockless, 60, lives in Winchester, Hampshire and is retired.  His early career was spent as a Broadcast Engineer. He then had a career change into Telecoms project management.

At the start of Covid he had an uneasy feeling about where this was going and Government actions have cemented his unease. He says “Governments rarely give up powers they give themselves and I believe people’s freedom to choose what goes in their bodies should be sacrosanct. Their choice should never be coerced or threatened. If your freedom depends on submitting to regular, invasive experimental medical procedures then you are not free in any sense of the word. That is why I believe AVP is important; an increasingly authoritarian government is leaving those who choose not to submit with fewer options to live a normal life.”

Hugh Kelly

Hugh Kelly is 53 years old and lives in Cheltenham with 2 older and 2 teenage Children. He moved from the Scottish Highlands 20 years ago to run a busy Cotswolds pub for 18 years. He is currently evaluating other business opportunities.

Hugh is an active member of the Cheltenham Stand in the Park. He says “I am deeply concerned about the introduction of Vaccine Passports. There is no scientific evidence that they make any difference to the containment of Covid 19. They would however open-up the whole of society to a nefarious level of control that I do not wish for my children or future grandchildren.”

Myowny Gordon

Myowny Gordon is 41 and lives in Bath. She owns a boutique gym and fitness studio in Bath City Centre.

She says “As a law graduate, I understand all too well that civil liberties and fundamental principles of law are constantly challenged by those in Government. It is my view that all Covid 19 restrictions, especially vaccine passports, equate to a dangerous political attack on our freedoms and the rule of law. The time has come to take a stand against those threatening our Human Rights, therefore opposing discriminatory policies such as vax passports is imperative.”

Serena Ackroyd

Serena Aykroyd is 45 and lives in North Yorkshire having just moved from London where she lived for 25 years. She has two children aged 17 and 14. Serena explains why she wants to help with AVP. “I knew something wasn’t right from the start – gut instinct. I have never been political or paid much attention in the past but this has made me sit up.

I have always worked in the creative industry. I am a people person, I have run a pub, flower shop and my own catering company. I’ve always had the freedom to change jobs, travel and do the things I love. This looks like it’s all about to change and I want my kids to have the freedoms that I did, quite simply. I find it frightening how many people are just going along with the narrative, the conversation of lost freedoms needs to be spoken about.”

Richard Wicks 48, lives in Cardiff. He has post graduate degrees in Biology, Biochem and Toxicology and has recently worked in events and band promotion.

He explains his motivation for becoming a regional rep. “To build AVP to counter the insanity of the MSM and corporate business illogic. A place to protect and promote everyone especially the little people, and their freedom, autonomy and safety through business to customer connections.”

Jodie Ann Austin
Jodie-ann Austin, 42 and is a mother and grandmother. She lives in Somerset. She is a qualified accountant with 20 years experience and is now back at university studying for a degree in Cyber Security.   
On why she joined AVP ” For my children’s sake, I believe my medical information is private. I will not be part of this human trial.”